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Sustainable Growth

PROJECT: Verifying buildings and land development projects confirmed as LEED-certified in the City of Miami


Land developers and realtors would often claim to be LEED "certified" as part their marketing campaigns. However, only by tedious verification with USGBC was it determined if and when certification had been actually achieved and maintained. 



A comprehensive list was created to verify and spotlight LEED-certified sustainable buildings and development projects as officially registered within in the City of Miami. As applicable based on certain defined criteria, earning certification meant compliance with the city's sustainability ordinance. 



Balancing Priorities

PROJECT: Visually capture priority areas shared in common between

Miami International Airport and City of Miami 


City and County Commissioners need to prioritize economic development in the vicinity of major, international airports. Around the world, the dilemma is not unique however, some areas endure more pressure than others. The robust economy of the Miami area makes for even more need to decision-makers to prioritize quickly while balancing and adhering to regulations, limitations,  political and public interests.


A visual template efficiently highlighted areas and parcels within close vicinity of the

Miami International Airport. 

Efficient identification of the  active development projects as proposed for approval by the City of Miami afforded more transparency in government officials' decision-making. 

Data-generated visuals are featured in a manner that emphasized major decision points.

Empty Room


A Fresh Start

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Winding Road

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The Road Less Travelled

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Wooden Structure

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Horse Stall

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Opening Gates & Opening Minds

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